Skin 2 Skin Care anti-photoaging sunblockSunblock without the Blockage

Summer’s reputation as the season for fun is under fire – literally. That atomic inferno known as the Sun can make summer a winter of discontent for your skin. All those UVA and UVB rays mercilessly beaming down, adding wrinkles, freckles and maybe even contributing to the dreaded “c” word when all is said and done.

So, break out the sunblock, right? Hang on a tick. Recent studies have shown that many sunblocks made by the major manufacturers offer about as much protection for your skin as a strip of gauze sent out to stop a speeding semi. In other words: not much. And then there’s the industrial strength chemicals infused in those sun products. Talk about harsh! Oxybenzone, a chemical used to block UVA rays, has actually been found to promote DNA damage in the presence of sunlight(!). And for the vain among us (ahem), not only do those while lotions give you “pale face” on a the level of some character out of True Blood; but all their chemical ingredients block up your pores to the point where you end up with adult acne for days afterwards.

So, why exactly would anyone use sunscreen?! Let’s try this again. We need a product that’s natural and protects, but doesn’t strangle our skin. One that doesn’t kill us or turn us white like Count Chalk-ula. It’s either that or start wearing turtlenecks and knee socks to the beach.

Thankfully, Skin 2 Skin, the hottest name in organic skin repair has a different idea: natural protection without the problems. Skin 2 Skin Care’s Anti-Photoaging SFP 30 is made with 20 organic extracts including zinc oxide and titanium dioxide – natural products proven to screen out the sun’s most harmful rays. Zinc oxide also offers the fringe benefit of being a natural antioxidant – something that’s actually good for us. Instead of blocking up your skin, Skin 2 Skin allows your pores to breathe. All natural skin care ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil help moisturize the skin. Their inherent antioxidants leave your face better (not worse) off than before Beach Day. Coconut oil – another maximum moisturizer, prevents discoloration and scarring of the skin.

And speaking of color, Skin 2 Skin Care’s Anti-Photoaging SPF 30 comes in three shades to best match you skin’s natural tone, so you don’t come off looking like the Bride of Dracula. The result is a complexion that is even, natural and totally beachin’.

And just for summer, Ettia Tal’s organic skincare boutique, Innovative Healing Touch, is serving up some smokin’ deals on Skin 2 Skin’s Anti-Photoaging SPF 30. So this summer, don’t run for the shade; enjoy the sun, courtesy of Skin 2 Skin and Innovative Healing Touch.