When it comes to your skin, organic beauty is the ideal!

Innovative Healing Touch, Led by Ettia Tal, offers you the best organic skin care products on the market. Regain fresh smooth skin with the wide variety of treatments, including body wash, cleansers, moisturizers, men’s shaving, and any other treatment you will ever need. 

Why organic skin care is the choice for you

You are sure to get what is right for your skin as organic plants have shown to have more antioxidants and other biological actives than conventional plants. Not only is the way a plant is planted is important, but how it’s grown provides healthier results-oriented organic skin care. Our bodies use nutrients not only through food, but also through the skin. It is medically understood that our skin absorbs into our bloodstream everything we put on it, and it is carried through our bodies. This makes it ever so important to use only certified organic products and avoid chemically procured creams. Synthetically produced creams as opposed to natural organic ones often can cause harm we don’t see with the naked eye. Effects such as skin irritation, headaches, hormone disruption and cancer. This is why the naturally refined treatments are great for sensitive skin, making sure no harmful side effects are caused to your precious body. Just as our skin protects our body, we have to protect our skin from harmful chemicals. 

Only the best of brands offered

Lose any doubt in the efficacy of the Spa Technologies Brand, as all plants used in their lines are 100% certified organic or certified biodynamic. There are no chemical solvents at their laboratory for extracts, so no trace chemicals are left behind, unlike many commercial ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ ingredients. The algae in Spa Technologies products represent a diverse array of ocean flora. The ocean is the ultimate mineral water whose chemistry is virtually identical to that of the human body. Further, when we nourish our skin with nutrients from whole algae, all of these vital nutrients are delivered in their original balance making the bio-compatible.  Due to the fact that all of the co-factors in seaweed nutrients are provided in this bio-compatible way means that your skin can put them to productive use to stimulate healthier cells resulting in a more vibrant skin tone. The combination of the whole algae and the essential oils results in an anti-aging effect, allowing you to keep a young look for your skin far more effectively than any other treatment.

If you require a treatment after an injury or surgery, Innovative Healing Touch also offers HealFast products, especially designed to help your skin return to its natural healthy state. Created by a network of leading physicians where the ingredients are triple tested for content, purity and solvents. Even though our bodies have an incredible ability to heal and recover, the process requires specific nutrients to help fuel the process. HealFast have formulated their supplement to target everything your body needs to give you the best shot at a fast and strong recovery. Anybody who is recovering from an injury or surgery will be happy to have quality HealFast products. The use of Vitamin C, Zinc, And Citrus Bioflavonoids provide great tissue regeneration support, boosting your body’s natural ability to self-heal and repair itself. HealFast uses many different vitamins, amino acids, probiotics and minerals such as Magnesium, Copper and Selenium to help even the most sensitive of skin and improve the well-being of any person to use their products.

Why you should listen to Ettia Tal

Ettia Tal is a natural skin care genius and is the one to invent the holistic beauty treatment movement as she stands in the forefront of revolutionized organic skin care products. Ettia’s products are one step ahead in providing the best possible treatments for all your beauty needs, from hair and body to men’s shaving, there is nothing she is not an expert on.

Ettia is a highly qualified professional, being an owner of a nursing degree, a licensed paramedical aesthetician, massage therapist, a member of the National Cosmetology Association, a certified Ohashiatsu and Tao healing arts instructor as well as being certified by the American CranioSacral Therapy Association. Ettia has left nothing astray in her path to becoming the leading expert for skin care.

Her time as a spa owner in New York allowed her to earn an extensive amount of praising testimonies and reviews as she worked her magic with her customers ranging from dancers, actors, magazine editors and anyone fascinated by her quality skin care treatments.

All of her achievements were not left unnoticed and she has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Elle, Allure, Mademoiselle, Glamour, and others, and also featured on national television.

There is no one quite like Ettia to tell you about beauty and skin care.