Seaweed Skin Care ProductsBeauty is Skin (and Ocean) Deep.

Seaweed. Those annoying garlands of green that wrap around your ankles at the seashore are not just for adding color to your Japanese sushi rolls. Seaweed, Earth’s ‘first plants’ are a floating treasure chest rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants with healing properties as powerful as a tidal wave. Essentially, organically grown as it’s plucked straight from the sea, without any genetic modification, seaweed is as simple, pure and natural as it gets.

Spa Technologies has been a pioneer in skin care with products formulated in a bio-complex of rich ocean nutrients. The seaweed in all of Spa Technologies’ products comes from food-grade algae harvested in its natural state from the pure, cold waters off the coasts of Iceland and the Brittany peninsula in France. In the labs of Spa Tech, they’ve proven that marine botanicals have the power to nourish, heal, detoxify, transform and regenerate the skin without the inflammation of harsh chemicals. Their extensive research has shown that various seaweed species have vital minerals and elements that are necessary for proper cell function to prevent DNA damage from UV rays and environmental stress. The creams and serums in the Spa Technologies ‘green’ line are formulated for all skin types, with their unique process of blending natural active ingredients into a base of seaweed, marine proteins, aloe vera and other essential minerals and botanicals. These ‘sea-ceuticals’, when used regularly on your skin will not only improve your fine age lines and wrinkles, but create a radiant richness and overall glow to your skin that you’ve likely not seen in years. No need to go fishing anywhere else – Innovative Healing Touch has the line right here in our online organic skin care boutique!

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Oxygenated Renewal Complex

Oxygenated Renewal ComplexThis age-defying serum combines a pure triple-tiered blend of antioxidant lipids, seaweed extracts and liquid oxygen that restores your younger skin by regenerating cells and synthesizing collagen. Each of the three separate layers have a unique function on their own but when you shake them up, spray on your palm and apply to your face and neck, together they execute a powerful triple play for healthy cellular renewal. Clinical studies have shown a marked reduction in fine lines and wrinkles making Oxygenated Renewal Complex a clear breakthrough in anti-aging technology.

Marine Repair Cream

Marine Repair CreamA luxurious moisturizing cream formulated with bio-fermented algae, marine peptides, and vitamins C and E, Marine Repair Cream repairs the connective tissue and replaces lost minerals essential to building collagen. Lightweight yet powerful, silica-rich bamboo provides a protective shield from environmental pollution, and Solar Photospheres repair DNA cellular damage from overexposure to the sun.

Bio-Active Marine Complex

Bio-Active Marine ComplexGet your bounce back using Bio-Active Marine Complex 2-3 times a week. This gentle serum stimulates cellular turnover and exfoliates your skin without using any burning peels or harsh grains. The dramatic result is a reduction in wrinkles, smooth, firm texture and a dewy youthful glow.

pH Purifying Cream

pH Purifying CreampH Purifying Cream delivers non-oily hydration that decongests your pores and restores skin’s pH balance. This is what makes it ideal for problematic skin, especially oily or acne-prone skin. Prevent future breakouts with this gentle formulation of more than 30 of nature’s healers. To name a few – the algae are a natural anti-inflammatory, grapefruit and other fruit oils decongest and promote drainage, rosemary is an organic astringent and tea tree; an antiseptic.

Hydrating Laminaria Oil

Hydrating Laminaria OilFor bath & body: Laminaria, the large leafy brown sea ribbons you’ve seen floating in the waves comes straight from the source to you, rich in vitamins and minerals. Fortified with essential oils of ylang ylang, geranium, bergamot and lavender, this 100% pure organic seaweed treatment restores your skin’s lost nutrients and gently improves skin’s tone and vitality.

Hydrating Vitamin C & E Complex

Vitamin C&E ComplexGet ready to feel like you’ve had a 2-hour facial! Hydrating Vitamin C&E complex is a 100% organic essential oils treatment to intensely moisturize and heal mature, sallow and dry skin. Go ahead and use it on your lips, elbows and backs of your hands too. This delicious blend of aromatic essences of lavender, geranium and Roman chamomile stimulate hydration and circulation.

Marine Moisturizing Mist

Marine Moisturizing MistFeel beach-kissed and ultra-refreshed! Marine Moisturizing Mist is a light, aromatic hydrating toner. Give your face a spritz any time your skin needs a little refreshing pick-me-up – like every day! Fortified with seawater to hydrate, restore minerals and trace elements; and marine proteins to soothe, moisturize, reduce inflammation and preserve. Especially beneficial after a day in the hot sun – some of our customers like to mix this in the palm of their hand with Spa Technologies Hydrating Vitamin C & E Complex to rev up the moisture and healing benefits!

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