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Skin Care Products SaleAmericans celebrate the 4th of July in a variety of different ways – from backyard barbecues, picnics and pool parties to parades and over-the-top fireworks displays. July 4th is a day to celebrate our nation’s declaration of independence from England – but we typically do it outdoors, which can wreak havoc on our skin. The sun’s rays and environmental toxins cause fine lines, wrinkles and clogged pores, which can put a damper on our Independence Day celebrations. Instead of foregoing the festivities this year, take some simple precautions to keep your skin healthy and protected from the sun. You can nourish and protect your skin by wearing plenty of sunscreen, drinking plenty of water – and taking advantage of IHT’s 4th of July sale! That’s right, you can stock up on your favorite SPF moisturizers, facial cleansers, masks and scrubs for a guilt-free 4th of July. Innovative Healing Touch is offering 15%, 20%, 25% and even 30% off of quality skin care, hair care and yoga products! What’s more all-American than saving money? Simply shop our selection of sale products from now until July 4th at midnight, and enter the promo code “JULY4” upon checkout to receive these amazing sales prices!

Red, White and … Blues? Keep the Skin Care Blues at Bay this Year with IHT’s 4th of July Sale!

Don’t let skin damage caused by sun exposure and environmental pollutants get you down this 4th of July. Innovative Healing Touch is offering up to 30% off the biggest names in skin care – including Coats Aloe, Crystal Peel, L’Avenir, Shira Esthetics, Shir-Organic, Skin 2 Skin™, and Spa Technologies! No matter what your skin type, you’ll find the perfect products to keep your skin hydrated, smooth and glowing – no matter how many hours you spend outdoors. Click on any of the links below to save up to 30% on organic and all-natural skin care products!

Coats Aloe Products are 30% off!

Coats Aloe Products on SaleSave 30% off our entire selection of Coats Aloe skin care products! Coats Aloe offers over 50 different nourishing cleansers, toners, moisturizers, masks, and scrubs designed for a variety of skin types. Made from the healing Aloe Vera plant, Coats Aloe products are clinically proven to dramatically increase cell growth, soothe sensitive skin, and give your skin a healthy, youthful glow. Benefit from the amazing healing power of Aloe Vera with Coats Aloe products!

Crystal Peel Products are 15% off!

Crystal Peel Products on SaleThe Crystal Peel collection produces a visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne, and cellulite. These amazing products also stimulate the production of new collagen, leaving your skin more toned, refreshed and rejuvenated. No wonder dermatologists and estheticians have been singing Crystal Peel’s praises for years!

L’Avenir Products are 15% off!

Lavenir Products on SaleL’Avenir’s patented Ovasome Technology harnesses the health benefits of whole eggs and delivers those essential nutrients to your skin, giving your body’s natural healing power a helpful boost! You can use L’Avenir skin care products for the treatment of dry skin, wrinkles, acne, cellulite, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Eczema and much, much more. L’Avenir will leave your skin feeling refreshed, healthy and vibrant!

Shira Esthetics Products are 20% off!

Shira Products on SaleShira manufactures all-natural skin care products that work to repair and rejuvenate skin and treat a variety of skin conditions. Perfect for Anti-Aging or Acne, Shira’s products are used in professional spas and salons throughout the world to treat and prevent skin problems for people with all skin types. Shira is a brand name you can trust for healthy, clear and smooth skin. And Shira does not test any of its products on animals – so you can achieve glowing skin without any guilt!

Shir-Organic Products are 25% off!

Shir-Organic Products on SaleReleased in early 2011, Shira Esthetics Shir-Organic line received immediate acclaim in the industry for innovative skin care solutions including masks, scrubs, creams and cleansers. Shir-Organic uses only the purest ingredients, such as whole fruit and herb pulps rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and oils, for an organic, all-natural approach to skin care. If you have been looking for an organic skin care line that is effective, you simply must try Shir-Organic skin care products – your skin will thank you for it!

Skin 2 Skin™ Products are 15% off

Skin 2 Skin Products on SaleSkin 2 Skin™ Care has developed an impressive line of medical-grade, certified organic skin care products with advanced peptide technology that will improve the color, tone, texture and elasticity of your skin – making it look and feel years younger. These revolutionary anti-aging products are made with plant-based peptide technology to stimulate collagen growth and improve your skin’s elasticity. From cleansers, eye gels, and facial scrubs to anti-aging moisturizers, night creams, and serums, Skin 2 Skin™ Care has everything you need to create a complete skin care regimen that is right for your skin type.

Spa Technologies Products are 25% off!

Spa Technologies Products on SaleSpa Technologies products do not contain any chemicals or preservatives. They are made with 100% natural ingredients to gently exfoliate and protect your skin. Spa Technologies skin care products contain organic, wild-crafted seaweed and sea salts to nourish the skin and leave it silky smooth and radiant. Trust us – your skin will look and feel years younger!

Add Some Spark to Your Smile! Save 25% off DaVinci’s Teeth Whitening Kit!

Davinci Teeth Whitening Products on SaleForget the sparklers this 4th of July… instead, dazzle your friends and family with a sparkling white smile! DaVinci’s at-home teeth whitening systems provide safe and effective whitening in just minutes, without harmful side effects or sensitivity to your teeth. DaVinci’s Teeth Whitening Systems have been proven to whiten teeth as well as or better than other whitening products on the market. At-home whitening has never been this easy or this effective! The DaVinci Teeth Whitening Kit comes with 12 application syringes, a mouth tray and case and a shade card, so you can track the progress of your whitening.

America the Beautiful…Body, Mind and Spirit! Save Up to 25% Off All Yoga Products!

Need to work off the extra pounds you gained at this year’s 4th of July barbeque? Trust us, we understand. Why not try a workout that will tone your body, improve your concentration and elevate your spirit? Yoga is an excellent way to shed fat, build muscle and most importantly – to relax and unwind! The practice of yoga brings your body, mind and spirit into harmony, so you’ll be more fit and feel more focused. Innovative Healing Touch is offering yoga mats, mat bags and apparel at 15-25% off during our 4th of July sale! With comfortable cotton yoga clothing from Hyde Yoga, yoga mats from Jade Yoga and mat bags from Yogi Bags, you can practice yoga and keep in shape. Trust us – you will absolutely love these all-natural yoga mats, mat bags and clothing!

Jade Yoga Mats are 15% off!

Jade Yoga Mats on SaleJade Yoga makes eco-friendly, non-slip yoga mats that are available in a wide range of vibrant colors. This revolutionary yoga mat is made from natural rubber that won’t harm the environment. And Jade Yoga plants a tree for every mat that is sold! So, what are you waiting for? Elevate your practice with an eco-friendly mat from Jade Yoga!

Hyde Yoga Clothing are 15% off!

Hyde Yoga Clothing on SaleHyde Yoga offers eco-friendly yoga clothing items that are made with organic cotton and are available in a variety of colors. This lightweight, breathable yoga apparel is made with cotton for ultimate flexibility during practice. Hyde Yoga prides itself on manufacturing yoga clothing that adheres to the non-violent and earth-friendly ideals at the heart of the practice of yoga.

Yogi Bags and Totes are 25% Off!

Yogi Bags on SaleYogi Bags manufactures 100% organic cotton Yogi Totes and eco-friendly Yoga Mat Bags that will help you perfect your practice without sacrificing style. Yogi Bags come equipped with an adjustable and removable 100% cotton cross-body strap and an inside pocket to hold items such as a cell phone, keys or iPod and are the perfect bags for yoga mats of all sizes.

Liberate those Locks! Save 25% on All Croc and Barbar Hair Tools!

Are you using old, outdated hair tools that are harmful to the environment? Well, it may be time for a change. Break free from outdated technology and stop using blow dryers and flat irons that are not only bad for the environment – but they can damage your hair, too. This 4th of July, Innovative Healing Touch is offering flat irons and blow dryers from Barbar and Croc, two of the leading innovators in eco-friendly hair tools, for 25% off! These blow dryers and straightening irons are designed to use less plastic during the manufacturing process and consume less energy than other hair care products, so they’re good for the environment. They are also designed to distribute heat more evenly for effective styling that causes less damage to your locks. Look good and feel good about herself by using eco-friendly hair tools from Croc and Barbar!

Croc Hair Tools are 25% off!

Croc Products on SaleCroc Greenion hair styling tools are good for your hair – and the environment! Using hemp powder, a naturally renewable and sustainable resource, allows the use of less plastic in the manufacturing process. Croc Greenion styling tools also use a green wavelength frequency, which allows the flow of 1 to 3 million negative ions per minute to reach the hair strand in the most healthful way.

Barbar Hair Tools are 25% off!

Barbar Products on SaleBarbar makes durable and eco-friendly hair products that you will simply love! With over 20 years of experience as a former stylist, the company’s founder, Dominic Barbar, has applied his years of technical know-how to turn his passion into reality by creating a premium line of hair care products that simplify the process of styling hair.

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