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    Cellutone Cellulite Cream


    This is the original L’Avenir Cellutone cream.  We have rebranded it under our HealFast Skincare line of products.  Cellutone is the only cellulite-reducing product on the market today that actually provides long-lasting results naturally, without using drugs or ingredients such as caffeine or aminophyline. It is important to understand that caffeine is used in other products for its dehydrating qualities. It removes water from the skin adn fat cells. But discontinued use of these products results in the rapid return of cellulite which is why many celllulite reducing products have a reputation for being ineffective.

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    This rich cream is an antioxidant powerhouse. It should be used nightly to promote healthy cell renewal to reveal younger-looking skin. Our Ovasome Technology™ along with pure Acai berry extract and wild rose oil create a triple threat in the fight against free radical damage to your skin. Scientifically formulated to improve the moisture barrier, strengthen skin and help rebuild collagen. You’ll notice a visible repair of fine lines and improved appearance in skin color disorders.

    1.7oz / 50 ml

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    This 3-Piece kit is a complete every day beauty routine system. The Egg Cream Cleanser, Ovagen Anti-Aging Eye Cream and Eggsential Hydro-Repair Moisturizer work together to address fine lines and wrinkles and the first signs of aging.

    This kit covers your eyes, face and neck area.

    5oz Egg Cream Cleanser
    .5oz Ovagen Anti-Aging Eye Cream
    1.7oz Eggsential Hydro-Repair Moisturizer

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    Heal Fast Repair Cream


    HealFast Repair Cream is excellent for all types of skin maladies & irritations. This gentle cream can be used on people of all ages from children to adults.

    The concept behind HealFast comes from the study of how the skin repairs itself. When a skin irritation occurs, the body naturally tries to rush nutrients to the problem areas so that it can heal or repair itself. The reason it takes several days to even weeks for some things to heal is because the body has only limited amounts of nutrients that can be sourced to the problem.

    HealFast is formulated using Ovasome Technology to source nutrients from herbal and food based ingredients. This technology provides the skin with all of the vitamins, minerals and proteins that are necessary for life. This creates a nutrient rich environment on the body that promotes healthy normal skin.

  • CREAM, Face Moisturizer, Hand Cream, HealFast Cream, HealFast Repair, L'Avenir HealFast, L'Avenir Skincare, Ovasome Technology

    HealFast Repair Cream 16oz Jar Bulk Size ($176 Value)


    NEW! For years our loyal customers have asked for a larger size HealFast. This 16oz Jar equals 4 jars of cream plus saves you money!

    HealFast Repair Cream is the perfect daily moisturizer for face, neck, hands, feet and everywhere in between. This healthy cream contains our proprietary Ovasome Technology™ that will defend your skin from free radical damage. The cream has exceptional penetration to provide immediate relief and visible improvement for distressed skin. With our fragrance free formulation your skin will feel soft and moist and not greasy and smelly. This cream is excellent for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. Doctor Recommended.

    ** This cream is our original L’Avenir HealFast Repair Cream just with new packaging.

    16oz / 480 ml