Heal Cuts Fast with HealFast RepairL’Avenir is French for ‘the future,’ and with their breakthrough patented technology for skin healing, the future is now. L’Avenir are specialists in problem-solving natural skin care products whose tag line states appropriately, “The future begins with the egg.” The future of all of humanity begins with an egg! It’s been the symbol of creation and rebirth since ancient times, and now with something so pure as the egg, your skin can also become reborn. Whether your skin is normal, dry or calling out for S.O.S in distress, HealFast Repair can take your skin to paradise, renewing and healing like no product has ever done before. When HealFast was first introduced, it was difficult to get your hands on the coveted jars, but now we’ve made it easy for our clients to purchase not only HealFast but many products from L’Avenir’s skin-saving line, right from our online shop at IHT!

Which Came First, Beautiful Skin or the Egg?

L'Avenir HealFast RepairNutritionally, eggs are the super heroes of food. The whites, full of protein, have been used in skin firming products and masks for years. The yellow yolks, however, are the true powerhouses of the egg’s nutrition; stacked high and overflowing with rejuvenating vitamins and minerals. But up until now, those nutrient-filled yolks have not been able to be used successfully in any skin care lotions or creams due to the risk of spoilage and contamination. So, the makers of HealFast experimented to invent a way to use the entire richness of the whole egg in a natural way that would not only benefit normal dry skin, but would truly heal and soothe the most problematic skin, troubled by conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, burns and eczema. (See the expanded list at the end of this post). This is where Ovasome Technology was born; smartly named, as ova, the root of creation, is Latin for eggs.

L’Avenir asserts that this Ovasome patent has enabled them to become the first company to successfully develop a process that includes the whole egg, which in turn allows over 70 proteins, minerals and vitamins, normally found in egg to be used safely in topical skin formulations. The technology relies on enzymes to hydrolyze the egg naturally which captures all of its nutritional content. The process breaks down the egg’s molecular structure to a size small enough to penetrate the skin, and a unique carrier mechanism, derived from essential oils, follows and carries the nutrients to the skin.

HealFast – The Name Says it All

HealFast Repair by L'AvenirHealFast has been called a Miracle Cream by adults and kids of all ages because it truly works on the most visibly irritated skin conditions! Our skin has the innate ability to heal itself but only if our bodies have been given an abundance of the right vitamins and minerals to do so – and it usually takes a long time. When your skin is irritated the body automatically will send nutrients to the source to repair the damage. If your body has a limited supply of nutrients to send in for healing, well, it won’t heal properly. This is where HealFast can dramatically change results. HealFast is loaded with the proper nutrients to promote and expedite the healing process. Heal cuts fast with HealFast!

Need an effective product to soothe skin irritation associated with psoriasis, eczema and rosacea? HealFast diminishes and smooths out the bumps and dry plaque of psoriasis, soothes and calms the itch and scales of eczema, and heals the rash and acne of rosacea. Want to get rid of bug bites more quickly? HealFast does that too! This wondrous little potion, available in the online skin care boutique at Innovative Healing Touch, can also be used for a myriad of other uses:

dry skin insect bites & bee stings chapped lips
shingles burns diaper rash
fever blisters abrasions jock itch
itching athletes foot rashes
sunburn canker sores razor burn
poison ivy/oak cradle cap & dandruff psoriasis
hives dermatitis fungus
cold sores rosacea eczema

HealFast is gentle, safe and all natural. It’s dermatologist tested and recommended. Other products contain ingredients like zinc and tar which are smelly and greasy. HealFast is grease- and odor-free. Other products used to treat problem skin may also contain steroids or cortisone which can have long term adverse effects on the body. Not HealFast. The testimonials on how well it works are endless. Flawed skin is restored to the true beauty that lies beneath the surface with HealFast.

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