Skin Care for MenAs much as women have been fighting for much-deserved equality in the workplace, everyone can agree that there really are differences between the sexes. Whether we’ll ever truly understand all of our differences and each other is anyone’s guess, but for right now, let’s keep it simple. Whether or not you believe in the ‘sugar ‘n spice and everything nice’ or ‘slugs & snails & puppy dog tails’ philosophy, men and women do have distinct hormonal differences regulating so many of our parts, right down to our very skin cells. Guys and gals have different skin, but no matter which side of the bed you sleep on, a good skin care regimen is a must if you want your skin to be healthy and youthful looking. At IHT we believe in equality of the sexes! You’re usually expecting HIM to shower you romantically with roses and sweet gestures on Valentine’s Day and we get that guys are so much harder to find romantic gifts for. So, we’re making it easy for you to turn the tables this time. Beauty up your beau with luxurious men’s skin care products from IHT!

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus – and the Differences Show up in our Skin:

  • Men can grow a beard and a mustache but facial hair is not the only physiological difference in our skin.
  • Men’s skin is thicker – Testosterone stimulation causes an increase in skin thickness, which accounts for why a man’s skin is about 25% thicker and texturally tougher than a woman’s.
  • Men’s skin has a higher collagen density than women so their skin ages more slowly.
  • Men have more active sebaceous glands giving them oilier skin.
  • Men’s skin is more deeply pigmented, which is why women became known as the ‘fairer sex’.
  • Men have less fat below the outer skin layer which is why they don’t get cellulite like women.
  • Men’s skin is warmer – The skin of a woman is cooler to the touch, especially at the fingertips.

One Difference Is Clear: Men Like to Keep their Skin Care Regimens Really Simple!

Men's Skin CareMen don’t like to spend nearly as much time as women do on their skin. They prefer to keep it to the bare minimum, usually washing their faces with the one-stop-shopping, bar-soap-in-the-shower method. Here’s where you can come in with a little positive influence. A good compromise with just a few, quality all natural facial skin products will not only make a difference in the health of his skin, but show how much you care.

Get him a Gentle, Gentlemanly Cleanser and Exfoliant

Men's Skin Care ProductsWhile having large pores and oilier skin is a good thing for keeping it naturally moist, not properly washing away the excess oil, dirt and sweat can clog the pores. The outer protective layer of the skin keeps bacteria out of the skin cells, maintains moisture and combats dehydration. Harsh skin products like bar soap along with excess sweat (which men have more of), can destroy the skin’s protective barrier and change its pH level, leaving the skin vulnerable to bacteria, free radicals and sun damage. These factors have trouble penetrating the skin when pH is normal. Applying a daily dose of pH balanced organic skin care products promotes a healthy protective barrier.

White Tea Face WashSo many men’s facial cleansers tend to dry the skin out – but not this one; White Tea Face Wash (by Skin-2-Skin Care) retains the skin’s natural oils as it hydrates to prevent premature aging. White tea, one of the most powerful known antioxidants, fights the effects of sun damage, minimizes skin inflammation, targets blemishes and improves skin and overall appearance. This deep cleanser not only gets rid of surface dirt and impurities but its combination of natural spearmint and bergamot act as an antiseptic for further bacterial cleansing. Neroli oil encourages circulation and gently exfoliates the skin to softness, getting rid of dulling dead skin cells. Use it as a pH balanced cleanser, exfoliant and for shaving. Now that’s an all-natural one-stop-shop that makes much more sense!

Microdermabrasion and Pre-shave FormulaMicrodermabrasion and Pre-shave Formula by Crystal Peel offers two skin care steps in one. This patented formula is a microdermabrasion cleanser as well as a pre-shave prep. Microdermabrasion Pre-shave Formula readies the beard for the cleanest, closest and smoothest shave ever. Its corondum mineral crystals have been proven to prevent ingrown hairs and those pesky razor bumps. Vitamin E, aloe vera and botanical extracts ensure visible improvement in skin texture and clarity. Use it daily, but you’ll notice a difference immediately after the first shave.

Moisturizers and Mists for the Modern Man

Men’s skin can dry out as it ages and the added bonus of daily use of a sharp blade to remove facial hair can make for very tight, irritated and parched skin.

I.H.T. by Ettia Tal Daily Replenishing CreamI.H.T. by Ettia Tal Daily Replenishing Cream is a daily moisturizer formulated for all skin types and great for men’s skin. This hydrating cream seals your skin with phyto-nutrients to prevent moisture loss, repair free radical damage and improve your complexion. This hydrating cream contains ceramides, which improve the texture of your skin and help slow down the aging process. Use I.H.T. by Ettia Tal Daily Replenishing Cream to reduce the effects of aging and give your skin a healthy, youthful appearance.

Aloe & Arnica Soothing MistAloe & Arnica Soothing Mist (I.H.T. by Ettia Tal) is a gentle alcohol-free toner meant to soothe and protect a man’s sensitive skin. This unique formula keeps the level of moisture and oil balanced while restoring the skin’s natural pH. The synergistic actions of botanicals, aloe, arnica, linden extract and willow herb help calm and hydrate irritated skin. This is a great product to use in conjunction with a moisturizer after shaving and/or as a skin calming and hydrating mist all throughout the day.

Aging Intervention CreamSkin-2-Skin’s Aging Intervention Cream, like Superman, can just about leap tall buildings in a single bound. This unique formula, containing a powerful combination of antioxidants and peptides, provides the greatest protection against free radicals, reducing facial wrinkles and fine lines by up to 50%. It improves and eliminates the most severe signs of visible aging, and helps in the battle against future skin damage from UVA rays. You’ll find your skin tone more balanced and hydrated. Natural white tea, jasmine, citrus and bergamot essential oils give it an earthy spa-like scent that both men and women love.

Marine Body PolishWomen are stereotypically the ones who spend more time taking care of their skin, but one product that your guy will love every time he uses it is Spa Technologies’ Marine Body Polish. It gently refines the skin by removing dead surface skin cells while stimulating circulation. This organic body polish contains pumice to exfoliate and natural marine laminaria to replenish essential nutrients and protect men’s skin. Made with shea butter for soothing hydration, Marine Body Polish will leave his skin rejuvenated, firm and toned – and you’re going to want to borrow it on a regular basis!

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