handsWhen you think about taking care of your skin, you automatically think about your face. It’s only natural because that’s obviously what people notice first about you, and everyone wants to put their best face forward. Most women, whether high maintenance or not, spend lots and lots of time on facial skin care. If you add it up, I’d bet most of us spend more time in front of the mirror cleansing, moisturizing and tending to each facial detail; from eyebrow plucking to imperfection concealment to cosmetically and colorfully enhancing each and every fine point, from lip to lash – more time than we do on who we want to spend the rest of our lives with!

Your face is the Queen Bee of your body, sitting atop her throne, planting your first impression upon the world, but your face isn’t the only part of you that deserves to be pampered. Your hands and feet are the thankless worker bees of your entire body! Your beautifully made-up face is sitting back and smiling while your hands and feet do all the work! It’s time to say, “thank you” to your hands and feet for taking a beating each day, helping you to get every task done and getting you everywhere you need to go. Give some love to your ‘digit-al’ parts with holistic skin carehand care and foot care products available online from IHT, made especially for your overworked and under-appreciated hands and feet.

Your hands and feet get put through a workout every day. You use your hands practically every minute you’re awake – from writing, typing and texting, grabbing grocery bags, carrying kids, gripping the steering wheel, washing pots, pumping gas, lifting weights, and more. You also take your feet for granted while they support you all day long getting to appointments, running up and down stairs, standing at the stove, walking the dog, schlepping kids to soccer practice and ballet recitals, standing in lines, exercising and moving you forward with every single step you take.

Show Some Gratitude and Praise Your Hands and Feet!

Foot CareFoot CareNo matter how perfect your make up, styled your hair, or chic your outfit, you won’t look completely put together unless your hands and feet are tended to as well. Treat them well with organic hand care and foot care products from IHT and they will pay you back with continued support, softness and youthfulness for years to come.

Take time to Mani Pedi! Here are some tips:

  • Wash hands and feet with warm water. Water that’s too hot will dry them out. Your hands are very quick to show the signs of aging. Keep them hydrated with natural moisturizing products.

  • Use gloves to keep your hands from becoming chapped from harsh cleaning chemicals, in hot dish water and cold outdoor temperatures.

  • Always dry your feet well, after washing or moisturizing, especially between the toes, to prevent athlete’s foot fungus.

  • When applying sunscreen, don’t forget your hands (and your feet when they are exposed). Your hands are constantly unsheltered, and sun exposure is what causes ugly brown age spots.

  • Use an exfoliator on hands and feet to smooth out any roughness and improve blood circulation to your skin. On your feet, spend more time buffing the heel and ball of your foot which can become hard, calloused and cracked.

  • Keep nails filed into a slightly rounded or square shape to prevent jagged edges.

  • As you get older, nails become more dry, weak and prone to chipping. When you moisturize, be sure to give some attention to the nail cuticles, promoting a healthier nail bed.

  • Don’t cut cuticles – push them back when they’re wet and flexible instead. Cuticles are nature’s way of protecting and preventing infection to the root of the nail. It’s ok to trim a hangnail, though.

  • Massage the tops and bottoms of your hands and feet to release tension.

Give These Products a Hand!

Exfoliating Hand BrightenerExfoliating Hand Brightener (Preston-Wynne) is a rich, emolient cream with gentle fruit acid exfoliators that smoothe and retexturize the skin. It also contains an herbal extract compound that slows down skin’s pigment production to fade annoying age spots.

Lavender Hand BalmLavender Hand Balm (Spa Technologies Skin Care) is an enriched balm fortified with marine and botanical healing agents for aging hands. Its natural skin lighteners slow the onset of age spots and bioactive botanicals like nutmeg, algae, olive and jojoba oils soothe the skin and plump it up, filling in the wrinkles and reducing the appearance of veins.

Anti-Fluid Gel (Spa Technologies)

Anti-Fluid GelThis anti-inflammatory cooling gel eliminates the fluids and toxins that are trapped in your skin, reducing swelling, bloating, and water-retention. This powerful gel contains calcium peptides to rid your body of metabolic waste, toxins and fluids to provide soothing relief of muscle and joint pain caused by over exertion. Simply apply the Anti-Fluid Gel to affected areas of the skin for immediate relief of painful swelling and to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Anti-Fluid Gel soothes your aching feet, gives PMS relief and reduces swelling after surgery.

Start Your Day off on the Right Foot with Foot Skin Care Products from IHT

Antiseptic Sea Mineral MistAntiseptic Sea Mineral Mist (Spa Technologies) is an all natural antiseptic foot spray. With a combination of pure seaweed, botanical extracts and nourishing essential oils, it softens calluses, cures fungal irritations, soothes itchy feet and strengthens and whitens brittle nails.

Cooling Foot BalmCooling Foot Balm (Spa Technologies)

Rejuvenate, reduce swelling and refresh tired feet! This mentholated Cooling Foot Balm is enriched with shea butter and laminaria algae.

Shira Esthetics Body Therapy Anti-Fluid Gel

Shira Esthetics Body Therapy Anti-Fluid GelThis relaxing, cooling formula is rich in seaweed extract and essential oils of peppermint, bergamot and cypress. Camphor, menthol and aloe quell the flames of swollen legs, hands and feet. Body Therapy Anti-Fluid Gel stimulates the lymphatic system to release excess fluids thereby reducing bloating, inflammation, and post-surgical swelling. It relieves soreness in muscles and joints to restore feelings of comfort and wellness.

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