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Around-the-Eye Skin Care The handshake is never what you remember when you first meet someone – it’s the eye contact. Between the expression in your eyes and your smile, a memorable first impression is almost instantly created. But, as luck would have it, the eyes are not only the windows to your soul but unfortunately, a dead giveaway to your mileage. As much as you’d like to keep it a secret, they’re the first part of your face to reveal signs of how old you really are. It’s enough to make your brown eyes blue. Although partly genetic and partly due to lifestyle, dark circles, deep wrinkles and inflated eye baggage all contribute to a very tired, sad and weary look. Sure, you can keep incognito behind a dark pair of Ray Bans but eventually those private eyes will have to come out of hiding. Taking excellent care of the skin above, below and around your eyes can iron out the crow’s feet, deflate the bulges, lighten the shadows and always keep ‘em guessing about your real age. Wake up your eyes to a new day and a newer, brighter appearance. Let Innovative Healing Touch help you turn your overcast expression to happy and turn back your odometer with organic and gentle products formulated especially for the delicate skin around your eyes.

Not all Skin is Created Equal

Your body is entirely covered by skin, but your skin is different in different areas of your body. The skin on your palms and soles, for example, are thick, tough and hairless, and can handle lots of friction virtually without any damage. The skin on your head, your scalp, is densely populated with hair follicles that grow longer hair than the rest of your body, and your t-zone; nose, forehead and chin, have the most highly active oil glands. The skin around your eyes is unique with its own characteristics, as well. The skin in the eye area is ten times thinner and more sensitive than even the delicate skin on the rest of your face. It practically has no oil glands, so it lacks natural moisture – making it highly prone to dryness – and this lack of hydration can lead to puffy, swollen eyes. The skin around your eyes also covers a very dense capillary network with minimal fat padding, making it somewhat transparent, which is why it can appear like dark circles are present. Because the skin is so thin and delicate here, it’s more prone to lose elasticity and more vulnerable to sun exposure and harsh impurities in the environment. In addition, there are no oil glands around the top and bottom of the eye – which is why this area gets dry and wrinkled faster than other areas of the face. The eye area also gets stressed continually from constant facial expressions and use of the eyes and face – smiling, frowning, squinting, crying, rubbing and eye makeup application and removal. About 15,000 movements per day are added just from blinking alone! All these conditions and movements add to the formation of fine lines (crow’s feet) in the corners of the eye. Firm, fortify and cheer up those sad looking eyes with specialty products formulated just for eye area care available here at IHT.

Tip-toe Around Your Eyes with Delicate Care

Treat the skin around your eyes like a spoiled, fragile, sensitive infant: Baby it! If you want to keep a youthful complexion and overall healthier appearance, you need to take constant care of your skin. Getting lots of sleep and drinking lots of water makes a huge difference. But putting the skin around your eyes in the same category and using the same products you use on the rest of your face won’t give you all the age-erasing results you want. The vulnerable skin around your eyes has special needs, so extra thought and care should go into choosing skin care products that give it the special attention it needs and deserves. Natural products that are gentle and non-irritating, that intensely hydrate, nourish, firm, lift, soften and supply a wide range of vitamins and antioxidants will keep your eyes looking enlightened and rested. Lots of invisible protection during the day and at night will produce very visible results.

IHT Products that are Easy on the Eyes

Chamomile Azulene Eye & Neck Cream (Shira Esthetics)

Chamomile Azulene Eye & Neck CreamCalming chamomile azulene extract reduces inflammation and puffiness around the eyes, improves circulation in the capillaries to minimize erythema (redness and discoloration) and restores maximum hydration and flexibility of skin to soften fine lines and prevent new wrinkles.

Eye Serum (L’Avenir)

Eye SerumL’Avenir’s Eye Serum is an exceptional cream, designed to address all of your eye area imperfections. The skin is lifted and fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed by utilizing the nourishment from our patented Ovasome Technology. Dark under eye circles are lightened, puffiness is diminished, bags are banished, and collagen is boosted. Moisture is replenished with rich ingredients such as retinal (vitamin A) and vitamin E while the eye contour is brightened to provide a youthful, well-rested appearance. In 14-21 days you will see a noticeable difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Glyco-C Eye Contour Cream (Shira Esthetics)

Glyco-C Eye Contour CreamShira’s Eye Contour Cream intensely refines skin texture around the eyes. It assists in tissue regeneration and provides deep hydration, smoothes fine lines and diminishes wrinkles under the eye, softens crow’s feet and guards against the appearance of new wrinkles.

Eye Makeup Remover Gel (Coats Aloe)

Eye Makeup Remover GelTake it easy on your eyes with this aloe-based eye makeup remover gel. Effortlessly, without tugging, remove makeup around the delicate eye area with a cotton pad or cosmetic sponge, without over-drying the skin. This easy to remove, oil free formula contains cucumber extract and whole leaf aloe vera to help sooth tired eyes and reduce puffiness.

Luminous Eye Cream (Spa Technologies)

Luminous Eye CreamSpa Tech’s Luminous Eye Cream isa rich emulsion composed of marine extracts and polypeptides which rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes. Muscle relaxing peptides similar to snake venom provide a Botox-like effect on your wrinkles. Kojic and other plant-based pigment lighteners reduce any discoloration and dark circles and the polysaccharides from seaweed firm up the skin. The result is increased luminosity all around your eyes.

Marine Retinol Eye Repair (Spa Technologies)

Marine Retinol Eye RepairInfused with retinol and vitamins C and E, Marine Retinol Eye Repair by Spa Technologies treats the delicate eye area by smoothing and repairing fine lines and wrinkles. Seaweed extracts firm the area around the eye and reduce puffiness. Solar Photospheres help to repair DNA cellular damage caused by overexposure to the sun. The result is fewer lines, wrinkles and bags for a younger-looking appearance.

Revitalizing Eye Gel (Skin-2-Skin Care)

Revitalizing Eye GelAn intensive hydrating eye treatment, Skin-2-Skin’s Revitalizing Eye Gel delivers oxygen to the tissue, instantly reducing daily puffiness while tightening the skin. With continued use of the gel, its key ingredients; arnica oil, aloe vera and the peptide Regu-Age, dramatically decrease dark circles, swelling, lines and wrinkles and dryness.

Shir-Organic Pure Cucumber Eye Cream (Shira Esthetics)

Shir-Organic Pure Cucumber Eye CreamCucumbers are always the way to happy, stress-free eyes. The cucumber and skin share the same level of hydrogen making it the ideal ingredient to cool, soothe, and calm skin around the eye area. The high level of ascorbic acid reduces water retention and overall puffiness and you’ll see instant hydration. Silica and abundant antioxidants in the Pure Cucumber Eye Cream will rejuvenate the skin leaving it soft and supple.

Super Firming Eye Lotion (Coats Aloe)

Super Firming Eye LotionThis lotion is a unique, light, silky cream specifically formulated to give special attention to the delicate tissue around the eye area. Super Eye Firming Lotion aids in moisturizing, firming and conditioning skin all around the eyes and reduces puffiness, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Visible Lift Eye Gel (Coats Aloe)

Visible Lift Eye GelVisible Lift, part of the Coats Aloe Sapphire Collection, is a gentle fragrance-free gel that nourishes and deeply moisturizes sensitive, allergy prone skin (and all skin types) around the delicate eye area. It penetrates quickly and easily allowing immediate application of make-up.

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