Natural Solutions For Premature Aging and Sun Damaged Skin

Our lives revolve around the sun as it warms and lights up the world. But as golden and glorious as sunshine is, there lies a double-edged sword. Lounging poolside in a scanty swimsuit, soaking up some rays feels so warm, relaxing and delicious, but exposure to the sun’s UV rays is one of the main contributors to premature aging skin. “Photoaging,” as this process is known in the beauty industry, has a profound effect on the skin’s elastic collagen, leading to unwanted lines and wrinkles in the long term. Sun damage from exposure to UV rays, over the course of your lifetime, also leads to over activity of the skin’s pigmentation, which will eventually bring on unsightly brown “age” spots. You can give them cutesy names like sun spots or freckles, if it makes you feel better, but whatever you call them, they’re the result of too much sun and proof of damaged skin. The best way to prevent premature aging is to protect your skin as often as possible with holistic skin care products that shield skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Agine and Sun Damaged SkinProtecting your skin from the sun shouldn’t begin in June and end in August – it should be a year-round habit. If you follow these healthy skin care tips, you will prevent premature photoaging and can reverse some of the damage that’s already been done to your skin.

  • Wearsunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher with a broad spectrum of protection against both UVA and UVB rays. By reducing your daily sun exposure, sunscreen allows your skin time to heal and your immune system the chance to repair some existing damage.
  • Exfoliate the buildup of outer dead skin cells to smooth out the skin’s surface.
  • Use a specially formulated sunblock for lips with SPF 20+.
  • Limit your time outdoors when the sun is at its peak – from about 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Wear sunglasses with UV light protection for maximum protection of skin around the eyes.
  • Keep your skin covered as much as possible and wear a hat to shield your face.

Take Cover!

Natural Protection and Skin Care Treatments available at IHT’s Online Organic Skin Care Shop:

Spa Technologies Eco-Protective Cream

Spa Technologies Eco-Protective CreamEco-Protective Cream is a light day cream, enriched with antioxidant vitamins A and C and hyaluronic acid. With a bio-complex of 5 different ocean botanicals, shea butter, essential oils and plant extracts, this cream provides all-day hydration, while solar photospheres repair DNA cellular damage from overexposure to the sun.

Skin-2-Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Recovery Cream

Skin-2-Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Recovery CreamNight Recovery is a fast absorbing, antioxidant cream that deeply hydrates and moisturizes. It will have your mature skin functioning like younger skin as it controls oils and fights acne. It not only eliminates fine lines and wrinkles but reduces the effects of sun damage and dark spots while it repairs UV damage during the night.

Spa Technologies Seaweed Body Toning Mist

Spa Technologies Seaweed Body Toning MistSeaweed Body Toning Mist is an excellent moisturizing mist to spray on your body after a bath or shower to rejuvenate aging or dry skin, cellulite and sun damaged skin. Its bio-fermented laminaria and porphyra algae as well as natural tea tree, grapefruit, cypress, chamomile and ylang-ylang oils, promote skin renewal, detoxification and repair to damaged skin cells.

Spa Technologies Ocean After Sun Relief

Spa Technologies Ocean After Sun ReliefOcean After Sun Relief providesinstant healing relief from overexposure to the sun and wind. This cooling mist is formulated with isotonic seawater, marine algae and antioxidants that soothe, calm, and nourish inflamed, environmentally damaged skin. Added plankton enzymes repair damage to DNA, marine and botanical antioxidants scavenge free-radicals and kava kava reduces any skin inflammation and pain on contact.

Dr. Acai Anti-Aging Moisturizer (L’Avenir)

Dr. Acai Anti-Aging Moisturizer (L’Avenir)Rich antioxidant vitamins sourced from the Acai Berry help to fight environmental free radicals that can cause fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Acai Anti-Aging Moisturizer is light enough to be used as a day time moisturizer under your make-up and powerful enough to be used as your night time beauty cream as well. Dr. Acai uses pure Brazilian Acai extract, offering more than ten times the antioxidant power as grapes and blueberries. Dr. Acai is also the first and only topical cream in the world to combine Ovasome Technology; incorporating more than seventy vitamins, minerals and proteins from whole eggs, with Acai Berry Extract in its patented line.

L’Avenir returnal Enhancing Cream

L’Avenir Returnal Enhancing CreamA luxurious nighttime beauty cream, Returnal is specifically formulated as an anti-wrinkle youth enhancing cream for use under eyes as well as for the face and neck. When the skin is damaged from the sun or lack of nutrients, the collagen and fiber levels become low and the result is sagging and wrinkles. Returnal normalizes these collagen and fiber levels. Pure Rose and Neroli oils, together with the nutrients of whole egg and herbal extracts, allow the cream to penetrate the skin. The result is a rapid, natural reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Luminous Eye Cream (Spa Technologies)

Luminous Eye Cream (Spa Technologies)Spa Tech’s Luminous Eye Cream is a rich emulsion composed of marine extracts and polypeptides which rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes. Muscle relaxing peptides similar to snake venom provide a Botox-like effect on your wrinkles. Kojic and other plant-based pigment lighteners reduce any discoloration and dark circles and the polysaccharides from seaweed firm up the skin. The result is increased luminosity all around your eyes.

Anti-Sagging Renewal Serum (Skin-2-Skin Care)

Anti-Sagging Renewal Serum (Skin-2-Skin Care)The powerful peptides in Anti-Sagging Renewal Serum increase the skin’s elasticity and collagen production more than twofold to noticeably fill in deep lip and laugh lines within two weeks. It’s formulated with a high concentration of an innovative peptide combination of Matrixyl and Tego-PEP4-17. Anti-oxidant vitamin E protects the skin from the adverse effects of UV rays and natural oxidation. Moisturizes, softens and smoothes the skin while reducing wrinkles.

C-Weed Nourishing Serum (Shira Esthetics)

C-Weed Nourishing Serum (Shira Esthetics)What is better than combining two of the most effective groundbreaking discoveries in skin care into one product? The exclusive combination of the nourishing and hydrating properties of seaweed plus collagen stimulating properties of vitamin C results in a skin care treatment that is abundant in nutrients and benefits for healthy, resilient, and youthful skin. This concentrated serum protects the skin from oxidation and reduces the appearance of sun damage and premature skin aging. You’ll find long lasting hydration resulting in younger, more supple looking skin.

Shir-Organic Pure Green Tea Toner (Shira Esthetics)

Shir-Organic Pure Green Tea TonerGreen tea is packed with phytochemicals, antioxidants and is an ideal cosmetic ingredient for acne-prone skin and sun damage protection, minimizing inflammation, and for quenching skin with rich anti-oxidants. Due to its soothing benefits, Shir-Organic Pure Green Tea Toner penetrates the skin, supplying moisture directly to tissue, refreshing and relaxing irritated skin. It helps to disinfect and remove oil residue while stabilizing the skin’s pH balance and delays skin cell aging for firmer and more balanced skin tone.

Shir-Organic Pure Pomegranate Toner (Shira Esthetics)

Shir-Organic Pure Pomegranate Toner (Shira Esthetics)Pomegranates are another super-fruit, offering a powerhouse of health benefits. The high level of phytochemicals and antioxidants in pomegranates help prevent and repair skin cell damage from aging and sun exposure. The Pure Pomegranate Toner helps aging skin reach an optimal pH level by extending the life of fibroblasts; responsible for collagen and elastin production. The presence of punicic acid; Omega 5 fatty acid, also aids in cell regeneration and production. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components soothe the outer layer of the skin, leaving a refreshed and brightened complexion.

Shir-Organic Pure Avocado Moisturizer (Shira Esthetics)

Shir-Organic Pure Avocado Moisturizer (Shira Esthetics)This luxurious moisturizer is primarily organic virgin avocado oil, packed with Vitamins A, D, E, and Lecithin. Avocado’s rich oil penetrates the skin deeply, evenly and quickly, making skin smoother, softer, and moisturized. Rich in sterolins, avocado oil helps to heal dehydrated, undernourished and sun damaged, skin, reduces age spots, relieves dryness and protects against free radicals. The Pure Avocado Moisturizer will deliver flawless skin with a soft, satiny feel – day or night.

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