How often do you find yourself looking at the cosmetics ads on glossy magazine pages, wishing your skin looked as fresh and vibrant as the faces in the pictures? Well, digital airbrushing is one way to achieve that. Painful & invasive surgical face lifts and expensive Botox and collagen injections are others. But, why not consider the most wholesome option, without any pain, without harmful side effects and without any recovery time? The safest and healthiest way to beautiful skin is the holistic way. Combining smart lifestyle habits with organic skin care products made with all natural, harmless ingredients, will lead you to the magazine-worthy skin you’ve always wanted. Our holistic skin care boutique is stocked with Mother Nature’s finest ingredients, formulated in professional anti-aging creams, skin tighteners and brighteners, line and wrinkle fixers, skin cell repair & smoothing serums and facial refreshers.

Taking excellent care of your skin is the number one beauty investment you can make to rewind the age of your skin to silky radiance. To slow down aging skin, be sure to follow these tips from IHT that really work in preventing dryness, wrinkles, dark circles & oxidation and in promoting hydration, elasticity, smoothness and a vibrant complexion:

  • organic skin care products Get plenty of sleep each night

  • Drink 8 tall glasses of water every day

  • Exercise regularly

  • Don’t smoke & limit alcohol intake

  • Reduce your level of stress

  • Revamp your diet to include lots of fruits and vegetables and less fried fats

  • Stay protected with sunscreen every day

In addition to following these golden rules, we’ve hand-picked a few of our best-selling skin ‘youthanizers’ to jump-start you on your way to revitalized skin.

Skin 2 Skin Care Aging Intervention CreamIf your skin’s got that sleepy look, awaken it! Skin 2 Skin Care Aging Intervention Cream was developed by Skin-2-Skin Care for mature skin that’s had some of the life zapped out of it. Skip the plastic surgery and get a natural lift along with some brightening and tightening. It is made with the Phytoskinthesis technology exclusive to the Skin-2-Skin line of beauty products. It regenerates, detoxifies, soothes, smooths, softens, stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid production, and reduces dark spots and hyper-pigmentation without the use of lighteners, AHA or any carcinogenic substances. 24/7 Rejuvenation will provide literally zero to no sun sensitivity or irritation to the skin. In addition to tightening and lifting the skin, benefits also include balancing of oil secretion to control acne, and preventing chronic inflammation. This universal remedy has four smart anti-aging peptides and can be used 24/7 for velvety smooth skin.

Chamomile Azulene Eye & Neck CreamFor a specialized treatment just for the lines, wrinkles and sagging skin around the eyes and neck, try Chamomile Azulene Eye & Neck Cream by Shira Esthetics. Calming chamomile azulene extract reduces inflammation and puffiness around the eyes, improves circulation in the capillaries to minimize erythema (redness and discoloration) and restores maximum hydration and flexibility of skin to soften fine lines and prevent new wrinkles.

Marine Repair CreamA luxurious moisturizer, Spa Technologies Marine Repair Cream is formulated with bio-fermented algae, marine peptides, and vitamins C and E. This amazing cream repairs the connective tissue and replaces lost minerals essential to building collagen. Lightweight yet powerful, silica-rich bamboo provides a protective shield from environmental pollution and solar photospheres repair DNA cellular damage from overexposure to the sun.

Un-Wrinkle Forehead & Crow's-Feet CreamYou can finally let your bangs grow out because with this brilliant cream, there’s no need to cover up your forehead anymore. Skin-2-Skin Care Un-Wrinkle Forehead & Crow’s-Feet Cream is an amazing volumizing anti-aging treatment that reduces the depth, width and volume of wrinkles, hydrates and softens skin. Its trio of power-packed peptides erases deep wrinkles by a whopping 60%! This intensive cream enhances firmness and moisturizes, while calming the muscle contractions that cause forehead and crow’s-feet to form. You can achieve Botox-like results without the needles, but when used along with Botox treatments, this powerful cream prolongs and boosts its effects.

Aloe & Arnica Soothing MistAloe & Arnica Soothing Mist (IHT by Ettia Tal) is a gentle alcohol-free toner meant to soothe and protect sensitive skin. This unique formula keeps the level of moisture and oil balanced while restoring the skin’s natural pH. The synergistic actions of botanicals; aloe, arnica, linden extract and willow herb help calm and hydrate irritated skin. This is a great product to use in conjunction with a moisturizer and/or as a skin calming and hydrating mist all throughout the day. Men also love this product as an aprés shave.

Skin-2-Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Recovery CreamFor supreme hydration and anti-aging, revive and replenish moisture to your skin with night recovery while you sleep. Skin-2-Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Recovery Cream is a fast absorbing, antioxidant cream that deeply hydrates and moisturizes. It will have your mature skin looking years younger as it controls oils and fights acne. It not only eliminates fine lines and wrinkles but reduces the effects of sun damage and dark spots while it repairs UV damage during the night.

Aging Intervention CreamAging Intervention Cream from Skin-2-Skin Care can just about leap tall buildings in a single bound! Skin-2-Skin’s proprietary formula containing a powerful combination of antioxidants and peptides provides the greatest protection against free radicals, reducing facial wrinkles and fine lines by 50%. It improves and eliminates the most severe signs of visible aging, and protects in the battle against future skin damage from UVA damaging rays. Natural white tea, jasmine, citrus and bergamot essential oils give this cream a glorious fragrance – and you’ll find your skin tone more balanced and hydrated, as well.

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