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IHT Acne PreventionYou thought you were done with it, didn’t you? You thought the days of annoying pimples and acne were put way behind you along with prom dress shopping, girlie pajama sleepovers, and meeting your friends at your locker. Wrong! Thanks to the colorful cocktail of stress, fluctuating hormones and a shot of genetics, your skin can be as blemish-prone as your teenager’s. It’s so typical, isn’t it, that right before you’ve got a big celebration or meeting to attend, you feel the bumpy rumblings of a mole hill, under your skin, scrambling to break through to the surface as an unsightly scarlet and white mountain? As they say, “man plans and nature laughs!” Adult skin is much more sensitive and doesn’t bounce back as quickly as an adolescent’s so please leave your daughter’s zit-fix in the medicine cabinet! Innovative Healing Touch carries so many organic acne prevention products in our online Blemish-Blitz Boutique to help you not only tame your skin tantrums and crack down on acne, but fight aging at the same time!

Break Up with Your Breakout Products!

Trade in what’s in your harsh acne arsenal for gentle organic acne prevention products that not only work, but don’t create additional irritation to your skin like so many over-the-counter products do.

What to Keep in Your Acne First-Aid Kit to Prevent Acne Before it Attacks

It’s important to wash your face daily to remove impurities, dead skin cells, and excess oil from the skin’s surface. Gently wash your face with clean hands, warm, not hot, water, and one of IHT’s mild facial cleansers. Using harsh soaps can cause irritation to your skin.


Shir-Organic Pure Eucalyptus Cleanser (by Shira Esthetics)

Shir-Organic Pure Eucalyptus CleanserCleanse with the powers of eucalyptus, one of the most potent medicinal plants; a natural analgesic with antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Due to the all-around healing qualities of eucalyptus, the Pure Eucalyptus Cleanser is a great basis for the treatment of acne prone and oily skin. This product deeply cleanses and disinfects without drying out your skin.

Derma Pore Cleanser (by Coats Aloe)

Derma Pore CleanserThis pH balanced cleanser is formulated with special ingredients to normalize sebaceous glands activity, minimize enlarged pores, help prevent additional formation of blemishes and blackheads and soften the epidermis.

Revitalizing Sea Cleanse (by Spa Technologies)

Revitalizing Sea CleanseRevitalizing Sea Cleanse is an intense cleanser that uses the pure paste of organic laminaria algae to decongest pores and leave skin clean and refreshed. This rich green seaweed paste revitalizes and deeply cleanses all types of skin.


HealFast Acne Treatment Cream (by L’Avenir)

HealFast Acne Treatment CreamCream your acne with HealFast Acne Treatment Cream by L’Avenir. HealFast Acne Treatment is a salicylic acid/whole egg medicated acne treatment that clears acne and reduces red marks from past breakouts, while improving the healthy appearance of your skin. HealFast is a one-step cream that contains a highly-effective, acne fighting ingredient used by dermatologists to help eliminate and prevent acne blemishes and blackheads.

When you feel a pimple coming on, dab on a spot treatment before it rears its ugly head! Keep one handy, in your purse, so you can nip the problem in the bud. These spot treatments are spot on!

Spot Treatments:

Complexion Control Spot Treatment Serum (by L’Avenir)

Complexion Control Spot Treatment SerumThis spot treatment serum was scientifically formulated to be applied to individual pimples to stop them before they get ugly. Just apply a small drop to the problem area and the product goes immediately to work for you. Dab one drop of the serum every four hours and your pimple won’t see the light of day!

Acne Control (by Spa Technologies)

Acne ControlAustralian Aboriginal tribes have known the infection healing properties of tea tree for centuries and now Spa Technologies incorporates the essential oil of tea tree into its zit-zapping spot treatments. It is an ideal spot treatment for stubborn acne, formulated with antiseptic essential oil of tea tree, thyme and lavender, along with healing clay to dry out oils and decongest pores.

Blemish Tea Tree & Thyme (by Spa Technologies)

Blemish Tea Tree & ThymeThis is a blend of botanical essences known for their germicidal and drainage properties in a base of anti-oxidant botanical oils. It promotes drainage and decongestion of connective tissues and helps resolve blemishes and acne conditions even on sensitive skin.

Spot Fix with Salicylic Acid (by Coats Aloe)

Spot Fix with Salicylic AcidSalicylic acid, derived naturally from willow bark extract, was used by the ancient Greeks and Native Americans to heal all kinds of skin conditions. Spot Fix with Salicylic Acid by Coats Aloe is a unique topical solution formulated with a concentrated blend of camphor and salicylic acid designed to control excessive oiliness and help clear blemished skin. It penetrates pores to help reduce acne and prevent future breakouts

Solar Energy Drying Lotion (by Shira Esthetics)

Solar Energy Drying LotionThis is another healing spot treatment that dries and sanitizes the skin to treat acne. It soothes the skin and exfoliates blemishes using a bio-sulfur and bromide dehydrate. Solar Energy Drying Lotion removes irritations using magnesium and zinc oxide which helps curb the oil production that causes breakouts.

Toners and Astringents:

Purifying Astringent (by Coats Aloe)

Purifying AstringentUse a toner or an astringent after cleansing your skin to remove any residue. Use a toner if your skin is more sensitive and an astringent if you’ve got very oily skin. Purifying Astringent (by Coats Aloe) is a unique formula that offers antiseptic properties which help soften the epidermis, clear clogged follicles and regulate the activity of sebaceous glands. It effectively controls excessive oiliness and prevents accumulation of impurities that result from the natural biochemical processes in the epidermis. Use it on oily, blemish-prone or combination skin.

Shir-Organic Pure Green Tea Toner(by Shira Esthetics)

Shir-Organic Pure Green Tea TonerThere have been many studies on the skin benefits of green tea. Green tea is packed with pytochemicals, antioxidants and is an ideal cosmetic ingredient for acne-prone skin and sun damage protection, minimizing inflammation, and for quenching skin with rich anti-oxidants. Due to its soothing benefits, Shir-Organic Pure Green Tea Toner (by Shira Esthetics) penetrates the skin, supplying moisture directly to tissue, refreshing and relaxing irritated skin. It helps to disinfect and remove oil residue while stabilizing the skin’s pH balance and delays skin cell aging for firmer and more balanced skin tone.


Camphor Masque (by Coats Aloe)

Camphor MasqueA healing medicinal mask formulated with camphor and sulfur to help normalize sebaceous glands activity is important! IHT recommends Camphor Masque by Coats Aloe to minimize enlarged pores, as well as soften and calm the skin. Camphor reduces the redness and irritation associated with troublesome skin conditions. This mask is ideal for eliminating blackheads, controlling breakouts and helping heal blemished skin. Use it 3 times a week after cleansing and toning to refine your skin texture without drying its surface.

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