Yoga MatsDo you remember the iconic Calgon bubble bath TV commercial of 1980? In the center of the screen, amidst sounding car horns, a barking dog plus a crying baby, an over-stressed, 35-ish woman shouts above the noise, “The traffic! The boss! The baby! The dog! THAT DOES IT! Calgon, take me away!” In the next scene she is immersed, relaxing in a sudsy sunken bathtub surrounded by palatial white Roman columns. Soft flutes and harps play as the sultry voiceover soothingly suggests to, “lose your cares in the luxury of a Calgon bath”. Well, we now have about a thousand more TV channels, and styles sure have changed, but no matter how many years go by stress seems to remain a constant. You engage in a daily balancing act, trying to keep it all together, giving your time and attention to spouses, partners, kids, career, extended family and much more. In spreading yourself too thin, however, you can lose sight of one very important person – YOU!

Carving Out ‘Me’ Time to Nourish the Soul

It’s so important to take time for yourself to de-stress – to reboot and recharge your batteries so you have the energy to give to all of life’s demands. You’d never operate your car without gas in the tank, would you? The car would sputter and cough and eventually stall out. When life drains your battery and pulls you in dozens of directions it’s easy to become exhausted and feel out of balance. The secret is making lifestyle changes that allow you to take time for yourself to repair the disharmony, increase your sense of well-being and achieve balance in mind and body.

The healing arts of yoga, pilates and meditation all involve physical and mental activities that provide you with a whole new perspective and actually bring a visceral release of stress, anxiety and tension. All of these disciplines will take you on the path to enrichment and knowing your true self. And the best part? There is no fancy, expensive gym equipment needed; all you really need is the right mat! Yoga and pilates are actually forms of meditation that incorporate movement with breathing, and these traditions, if practiced on a regular basis, can help you attain a high level of self-awareness, self-esteem, calmness, mental clarity, balance and strength. By taking the time to engage and renew, you’ll be able to alter your perception of all your emotional and physical problems by becoming more aware and living in the present moment. When you combine and integrate breathing, visualization, concentration, mindfulness and body awareness, these meditative rituals promote healthy maintenance for a harmonious life. Now, Innovative Healing Touch can help you embark on your journey to a more peaceful you – with Jade yoga mats and Yogi Bags mat bags.

Unwind in the Perfect Spot on the Perfect Mat

Jade Yoga MatsCreate your own sacred space as an oasis of relaxation for your practice of yoga, pilates or meditation. Whether it’s in your home or your favorite serene studio, any of these healing arts should bring a calming feeling to all of your senses. One of the necessary essentials is a comfortable, durable mat, and we’ve found the perfect ones to define your personal space. Jade Harmony professional mats offer exceptional resilience and incomparable cushioning, so you’ll stay comfortable with every position and pose as you journey inward. Try one and you’ll immediately feel the difference! Jade mats are your natural choice, made with eco-friendly, open-cell, natural rubber; a renewable resource tapped from rubber trees. They contain no PVC, synthetic rubber or ozone-depleting substances. Natural rubber is well known for offering unmatched slip-resistance and as a result, you no longer have to worry about losing traction on the mat even if it gets wet with perspiration. They are available at Innovative Healing Touch in different sizes and a variety of gorgeous colors that soothe the soul.

Jade Gives Back

With your purchase of a yoga mat, Jade will donate a portion of the proceeds to benefit autism awareness and ovarian cancer research. Additionally, Jade gives back to the Earth with every product sold. Through their partnership with Trees for the Future, an organization which has planted more than 65 million trees worldwide to date, Jade plants a tree for every mat sold through Innovative Healing Touch – so you can feel doubly satisfied and proud of your purchase knowing that you’re contributing to honorable causes and helping make a difference.

Inner Peace – You Can Take it With You!

Yoga Mat BagsA wonderful companion for your mat is a shoulder sling or tote bag from Yogi Bags to carry your mat and accessories. Hike it, bike it or leave it in your car so you’re always ready to awaken and harmonize the body, mind and spirit. Good for the planet, Yogi Bags are made from ultra-soft 100% organic cotton and are machine washable. The cross-body, adjustable strap shoulder bag holds all standard mats no matter the thickness. With a soft fleece double-lining and inside pocket you can secure your phone, keys and iPod. The tote bag, with its extra comfy shoulder strap, has a side slit making it easy for your mat to slide right in. It’s roomy enough for a change of clothes and your water bottle and can be re-used over and over for trips to the farmer’s market or grocery store. Yogi Bags are sustainable fashion for the modern, mobile, balanced life.

Purchase More than $85 Worth of Yoga Products at IHT – and Receive FREE SHIPPING!

Yoga AccessoriesIt’s time to stop stressing out. Find your balance with the healing arts! Now, Innovative Healing Touch is making it easier than ever by offering free shipping when you purchase over $85.00 worth of yoga mats, mat bags and yoga clothing guaranteed to make you look and feel great! Yogi Bags Mat Bags and Totes, and Jade Yoga mats are made with all-natural materials that are safe for the environment – so you can achieve inner peace without harming Mother Earth. Remember, all orders over $85.00 receive FREE SHIPPING, so pick up a yoga mat and mat bag or tote to save big on shipping! Shop our selection of mats, bags and other accessories for the healing arts online at, or call us toll-free at (877) 217-7971 to place your order by phone. Everything ships tax-free outside of New York State.

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