What is Ohashiatsu?

OhashiatsuOhashiatsu, known as, ‘the touch for peace’, is a nurturing method of healing touch with benefits far surpassing those of a simple massage. Stemming from the Eastern massage therapy known as Shiatsu, Ohashiatsu helps your body, mind and spirit achieve balance and harmony by altering the flow of vital energy throughout the entire body, rather than focusing on any one particular area. It’s considered a step above Shiatsu massage; offering a more complete experience of healing and personal growth. Ohashiatsu is unique, as it employs holistic acupressure but also involves a mutual exchange of energy between the giver and the receiver of the massage that is beneficial to both parties. Experience the hands-on touch techniques, gentle exercises, stretches and meditations of Ohashiatsu with an Ohashiatsu treatment at Innovative Healing Touch to release negative energy, revitalize your skin and ultimately rejuvenate your whole body.

How Does Ohashiatsu Work?

Ohashiatsu, developed and brought to the West, in the 1970’s, by Japanese healer Wataru Ohashi, can help anyone who feels disharmony; (pain, stress or discomfort) in the body or mind. The premise of Eastern healing philosophy is that there are energy pathways called meridians throughout the body that carry chi; our life essence. We experience this energy in the functioning of all our life systems, from digestion and respiration all the way to thinking and reasoning. The smooth flow of chi through this meridian system is what accounts for our physical health and emotional well-being. Any bumps in the road like blockage, stagnation or imbalance within the meridian system can result in physical, psychological and emotional discomfort. Ohashi’s philosophy explains how strongly the mind and body are connected. When pain or illness manifests physically in the body, it then affects a person’s psyche, thus making matters worse physically. It’s a vicious cycle; emotional distress affects the physical body and the physical body affects the mind’s emotions, and so on. Releasing negative emotions like depression, anger and sadness is often difficult to do on your own. Ohashiatsu therapy breaks the vicious cycle by manipulating your energy flow (chi), encouraging happiness and peacefulness in both mind and body. Our ultimate goal for your Ohashiatsu body treatment at Innovative Healing Touch is to improve your body’s ability to heal itself and to promote overall wellness by balancing your flow of chi.

The Benefits of Ohashiatsu

OhashiatsuThe therapeutic practice of Ohashiatsu combines the healing techniques of Shiatsu (Japanese for ‘finger pressure’) with a trilogy of limb rotation, gentle stretches and meditation. Proponents of this Eastern tradition say it strengthens the body, corrects posture and improves the mind. It operates on the principle that chi (energy) can be regenerated and rebalanced to give the practitioner, as well as the client, a more centered and revitalized energy system.

By balancing the energy, the body and mind can follow its own natural impulse to heal itself. The deep relaxation relieves the harmful and beauty-stealing effects of stress, rejuvenates your mind and body, and induces a state of harmony.

Ohashiatsu can:

  • Improve movement, flexibility and endurance
  • Build strength
  • Improve blood, oxygen and lymph flow
  • Increase range of motion, flexibility and body coordination
  • Correct poor posture
  • Revitalize your life force energy – or your “chi”
  • De-stress your body and un-clutter your mind
  • Rejuvenate your spirit
  • Improve self-awareness and understanding of others

Make an appointment for an Ohashiatsu treatment at IHT and become empowered with a wealth of positive energy and good health. Get relief from any of the common day-to-day physical and emotional stress symptoms, such as fatigue, backache, headache, joint pain/stiffness, muscle tension, insomnia and anxiety. When the flow of energy is restored to its optimum circulation throughout the body, you can’t help but feel energized and rejuvenated.

Ettia’s Got the Healing Touch

Internationally renowned holistic healing specialist Ettia Tal, of Innovative Healing Touch, focuses on new and alternative approaches to health, wellness and beauty. Through Ohashiatsu and various other holistic healing arts, Ettia’s body work is tailored to relieve stress, revitalize energy levels and alleviate pain from physical and emotional injuries. She helps to guide, heal, and transform her clients as a gifted certified practitioner/instructor of Ohashiatsu.

What to Expect at an Ohashiatsu Session with Ettia

Before your Ohashiatsu treatment, Ettia will discuss your health history with you and any physical and/or emotional health issues you want to address. It helps Ettia and the client to get acquainted, feel comfortable with each other and establish mutual trust. Once she has an understanding of what kind of treatment you need, you can prepare to relax in a serene, dimly lit room and let your senses take in the new age sounds and natural scents.

At the beginning of your session, you’ll lie on a floor mat or massage table wearing loose comfortable clothing (unlike in many massage therapies, Ohashiatsu is performed without any oils or lotions). As a certified Ohashiatsu practitioner, Ettia is able to sense which meridians most need to be brought back into balance. She will then focus on those meridians providing you with a very effective therapy session, specially tailored to your needs. The Ohashiatsu massage can be as deep or as gentle as you need or want. A significant difference between Shiatsu, Ohashiatsu and other forms of massage is their unique gentle mother hand/messenger hand technique, which causes no pain. One hand, the mother hand, applies the majority of pressure and nurturing, while the other hand, the messenger hand, applies secondary pressure and support, senses the energy flow and communicates back to the practitioner what is going on with the client. Using palms, thumbs, forearms, elbows and knees, Ettia will move around your body manipulating the energy meridians, by applying stretches, applying acupressure and rotating the limbs, opening the meridians and releasing blocked or stagnant energy. The meditation aspect of Ohashiatsu induces a feeling of inner harmony and peace. The continuous rhythmic movement is like a seamless dance, often compared to the flowing movement of Qigong or Tai Chi. After a successful session, you will feel the release of bad energy and a rejuvenation of good energy. You will experience a higher state of relaxation and enhanced connection between the body, mind and spirit. Restore your well-being with an Ohashiatsu massage from Ettia Tal at Innovative Healing Touch.

A key to happiness is to know your weaknesses, know your strengths and live accordingly. Through self-knowledge you discover where your talents lie and those things that do not support your life. Once you make those discoveries, you are enlightened. All there is left to do is to live a happy life” ~ Wataru Ohashi

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Ettia developed her exclusive facial and bodywork techniques more than 20 years ago, and her constant exploration of new treatments has kept her one step ahead of the mainstream. Her comprehensive approach incorporates her vast knowledge of the ancient healing arts with 100% natural and organic skin care products from all over the globe.

Ettia’s gifted touch will transcend your expectations. In addition to Ohashiatsu, she offers body work treatments in CranioSacral therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, Reflexology, as well as custom facials. To request an appointment with Ettia for your personalized body work treatment, please visit the IHT appointment request page.

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Got Questions?

Please call or email Ettia for a free consultation regarding Ohashiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang, CranioSacral therapy, Reflexology, or a custom facial. Ettia will help you understand the differences between the healing arts when you are deciding on which mode to begin. Feel free to also ask about any of the organic skin care products in IHT’s online shop. Ettia can guide you as to what products will work best for your skin type. Ettia’s expertise has made her a leading authority on beauty wellness, often quoted in popular magazines like Vogue, Elle, Mademoiselle and Glamour. Now, you can benefit from Ettia’s expertise! Simply email Ettia at ettia@innovativehealingtouch.com or call (877) 217-7971. To schedule time with Ettia, please visit our appointment request page at Innovative Healing Touch.