Eco-Friendly Yoga ClothingIn the wake of the most recent Lululemon controversy, it is more important than ever to ensure that the yoga products you use are made by a company that is environmentally – and socially – responsible. Lululemon is a Canadian-based yoga products manufacturer that has frequently made news for allegedly fostering a cutthroat corporate culture that exploits the eco-friendly ideals of yoga to reap in billions of dollars. In November, a jury handed down a verdict against a Lululemon employee who stabbed her co-worker to death in the company’s Washington D.C. store. The attack was brutal, and led many to question how two yogis could be involved in a dispute that is so out of line with yoga’s philosophy of non-violence. According to the concept of non-violence (Ahimsa) in yoga, one should respect all living beings, including animals, in the belief that all living creatures are interconnected. Ahisma does not only include refraining from causing physical harm to other humans or animals, but also includes driving all violent and hateful thoughts from one’s mind. The brutal murder at Lululemon is in stark violation of the non-violent principle of Ahisma.

Lululemon is no stranger to scandal. The company’s former CEO and founder, Chip Wilson, created a buzz in 2005 when he allegedly admitted that his company relied on child labor and “sweat shops” in China to produce its yoga products, some news reports even going so far as to intimate that Wilson claimed he was actually helping Chinese youths by providing them with jobs.¹ The company was embroiled in yet another scandal in 2006, when it marketed its “Vita-Sea” apparel bags as manufactured with seaweed fiber that provided stress reduction and other health benefits by releasing amino acids and vitamins into the skin. An independent study later revealed that the bags did not contain any seaweed whatsoever, and that Lululemon had not only misled – but may have actually lied to – consumers.² Despite these and other scandals, Lululemon continues to thrive.

As yogis, it is time we start demanding more from the companies that make the products we use in our yoga practice. When we buy yoga products from socially and environmentally irresponsible companies, we are at odds with the principle of non-violence that is the heart of the practice of yoga. Live the concept of Ahisma – and practice what you preach – by using only eco-friendly yoga products that are manufactured without harm to humans, animals or the environment. Yogis who want to elevate their practice should patronize environmentally-conscious companies like Hyde Yoga. Hyde Yoga clothing is 100% natural, comfortable and chic. But most importantly, Hyde Yoga clothes are made especially for yogis by yogis who adhere to yoga’s non-violent principles. Don’t use yoga products that undermine the goals of your practice! Instead, elevate your practice with eco-friendly yoga clothing from Hyde Yoga.

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Hyde Yoga LogoAs necessity is the mother of invention, Hyde Yoga came to being because the company’s founder, yogi Anne-Kerr Kennedy, could not find chic, comfortable and affordable yoga apparel that was as thoughtful as her practice. Hyde Yoga prides itself in designing yoga clothing that is not only colorful, stylish, and comfortable, but is also made only from 100% natural products. The company manufactures yoga clothing that truly embraces the concept of Ahisma – and promotes the unity of mind, body, and spirit inherent to the practice of yoga. Check out the selection of 100% cotton yoga pants, shorts, camis and tanks below, or browse our entire selection of eco-friendly yoga apparel online.

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